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All You Need to Know About Indoor Vegetable Gardening — How to Get Started

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Indoor vegetable gardening is a very fun, easy hobby. Just as long as you have the right supplies and equipment, you can grow plants inside your home without any problems. You will need products for maintaining the potting soil, humus levels, levels of light, and so forth. You can save a lot of money in the long run by growing your own vegetables rather than buying them at the supermarket. However, you still need to invest in products and supplies in order to get your indoor vegetable “garden” going.

Thankfully, indoor vegetable gardening really isn’t that hard. They can grow easily in just about any container. Whether you want to use a ceramic pot, plastic pot, or some other type of container, make sure it has holes in the bottom for drainage. You can easily make your own holes at the bottom of a plastic pot with a sharp object. As for the soil, make sure it’s not packed too tightly, or else the roots will have trouble developing.

The basics of indoor gardening are pretty much the same as those of outdoor gardening. You can start out with seeds and take care of them as they sprout. You can even start them out indoors during anytime of the year since you can control the lighting and temperature. You will also need to feed your plants with fertilizers in order to boost their humus levels and nutrients. A good fertilizer will help improve water retention, which is vital in regards to indoor vegetable gardening.

When it comes to watering, indoor plants require a great deal of attention. Drip systems can be used for outdoor plants, but when growing indoors, they need to be watered by hand on a frequent basis. They dry out quickly in containers, and some small, new plants need to be watered more than one time a day. If you really want them to grow, you will need to create a watering schedule and abide by it, no matter what. You can tell whether or not an indoor plant needs watered by sticking your index finger in the top half of the soil. If it’s dry, then you need to water.

Indoor vegetable gardening also requires an appropriate amount of moisture in the air. Vegetable plants can suffer from low humidity, which makes watering even more important. You also need to control the temperature inside your home or apartment in order to optimize the plants’ health. Fortunately, this can be done simply by moving them in shaded areas or drawing the curtains. You should also keep dust away from the leaves.


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