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BloomBoss 300 LED Grow Light 300 watt Grow Panel

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  • Uses only 300 watts – Very low power consumption
  • Emits the exact spectrum required for photosynthesis
  • Runs cool with no thermal footprint
  • Promotes fast & vigorous growth and blooming
  • Full Coverage 3 year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Product Description
The BloomBoss 300 works great for many applications including, individual plants that need more light, propagation of seedlings and clones, primary lighting for multiple plants in a 6′ x 5′ square and supplemental plant lighting used in conjunction with your current lights to enhance the spectrum and increase the overall yield.

What makes the BloomBoss different?

BloomBoss LED grow lights mark a major advancement in LED grow light technology…. More >>

BloomBoss 300 LED Grow Light 300 watt Grow Panel

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