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Indoor Grow Lighting — What Type do You Need for Your Plants?

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One of the most important things you need to consider if you have plants in your home is lighting. The right type of indoor grow lighting is needed in order for your plants to grow properly.  If the settings aren’t just right, the plants won’t grow as they should.

To determine how much light they require, you need to think about how they would grow in their natural, outdoor environment. How much sunlight is needed for vegetables to grow outdoors? What about foliage plants? There are a variety of lighting sets to choose from, so if you need to make sure you order the right kind for your indoor garden or green house.

Some plants also need a bit of darkness, so you won’t always need to keep the indoor lighting on. While plants can and do grow under continuous light, a period of darkness can still be beneficial. Obviously, the amount of light and darkness needed varies from plant to plant. Some need more light, some don’t need very much light, and others need an equal amount of light and dark periods.

Since sunlight may not be available to you all the time, depending on where you live, indoor grow lighting will really be essential during winter months. If you have low-light plants, then fluorescent is a good choice. Fluorescent light is good for plants less than 8” tall. For taller plants, you need to consider intensity light, as it can emit well over 100,000 lumens.   High intensity light is not only pretty powerful, it’s also simple to set up and use.

Two other choices are halide and sodium.  Sodium emit light that is similar to that of an autumn sunset. The quality is primarily in the orange/yellow area of the light spectrum. They’re especially useful in areas where some other light, such as halide, is already present. Sodium is a great choice if you want to add additional light that isn’t overly powerful to your plants.

Halide is extremely powerful indoor grow lighting. You can grow any plant indoors with halide—even in your basement during winter months! It’s very easy to obtain halide. There are lighting fixtures available in all sizes for both commercial and residential applications. You can find some fixtures that are both vaporproof and vandalproof. This is a great option if you have enough room for a fairly large indoor green house.

Some indoor green houses and plant systems are already pre-wired and ready to go. All you have to do is plug the lighting fixtures into any standard outlet. The kits already include a variety of plants and the appropriate indoor grow lighting. Whether you want to grow vegetables, flowers, fruit, or any other type of plant, you will be able to do so with the right products and equipment.

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